Develosofi Management develops people, managers and organizations to help them explore their potential. Through consulting, training / workshops and networking, we put management at the top of the agenda and contribute to results, changes and improvements that renewable strengthen the company’s competitiveness.

Our competence programs covering from management assessment tools over strategy workshops to personal and team-oriented development courses which ensure a contiguous and strategically anchored process at all levels at our clients.

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Team Understanding

– understand each others preferences and improve
communication between employees

Develosofi Management

– check the team behind. Professional experts in HR and peoples development.

Saviio Maps

– predicts how people will succeed and provides insight so managers better understand how people are uniquely motivated

The Chain of Results

– how quickly to produce better results ?? An easy way for the management team to get the same reference frame about a company’s status.

Recruitment / Interview Technique

– how to be successful in your recruitment and select the right candidate every time – not just the best in your short list!


– increases employee and customer engagement by short and powerful dialogues. Share the essentials, best idea or opinion, vote and reasons why. To the point!

Team Building

– get teams to function optimally and meet your company’s objectives through efficient operations and high quality in each task.

Develosofi Management

– See our offices in China / Hong Kong.


– do you need to let some employees go, and want to help them to the next job? This is good personnel policy.

Trust in Teams

– bring employees knowledge about their team-behavior to understand where / what and how changes can improve the daily work and collaboration.


– real time monitoring. Set your own survey and questions to identify clients or employees experience with your services or initiatives.

Develosofi Management

– see our professional partners from around the world

Career Planning Program

– for employees, who needs a plan for their personal career – where do they want to be in 5, 10, 15 years from now.

STAR Program

– encourage all employees to take initiatives, drive changes, share good / bad practices and constant improvement to recognize achievements fast. SITUATION / TASK / ACTION / RESULTS

Education Sector

Student Workshop: Self-knowledge and help to stretch their expectations and achieve greater results than predicted.
Teachers Workshop: How to understand the students wants and needs to succeed in the classroom.


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