Getting to know Develosofi Management

“It is important to us that our communication to our clients is as clear as possible. We want to make sure that our clients can trust us in both our abilities and our values.”

“With more than 25 years experience in human resource business we know what and how important it is for companies to keep the right people on the right positions and continuously ensure their development for the benefits of both.”

Lars Thomasen – Founder / General Manager

Getting the basic facts of Develosofi Management

Established: Spring 2012 – first office in Shanghai.
Number of employees: 2019 – 4 employees
Size and geographic area: 2020 offices in Shanghai China and Denmark
Growth plans: Partner companies in Singapore open in Q1 2020 and India Q2 2020.
Core areas of expertise: Assessment tools / Individual Coaching / Team Training & Workshops / Strategy Workshops

Understanding the drive and purpose of Develosofi Management

Why do we do what we do?: We want to develop people, managers and organisation’s to help them explore their potential as an individual and in teams
How do we do it?: Through consulting, training and networking, we put management at the top of the agenda and contribute to results, changes and improvements which renewable strengthen the company’s competitiveness
What do we do?: We bring knowledge into the organisation through training and workshops done by educated and certified coaches using strong programs developed / specialized to each customer. We certify HR professionals in the use of different assessment tools to use in their own organisation for development, team understanding / team-building, retention improvement and recruitment

Looking ahead – moving forward

We believe Develosofi Management is able to bring unique solutions to HR challenges existing in today’s leading companies. By developing knowledge and solutions based on ongoing research and investigations, we firmly believe we address the root of the challenge instead of the apparent effects of the challenge

Our Ethics

DeveloSofi Management works out of a set of ethics standards to ensure the confidentiality for all involved in any process. This set of standards will be shared out before we start all training / workshop programs.

  • DeveloSofi Management treats customers and participants individually and with the utmost respect.
  • DeveloSofi Management ensures that all information about customers and participants are treated highly confidential.
  • DeveloSofi Management always ensures participants’ consent before information passed on to the customer.
  • DeveloSofi Management considers all information about candidates / clients as confidential information and will not be disclosed to third parties.
  • DeveloSofi Management will always before a process informs participants about ethics and how information is retained.
  • DeveloSofi Management must respect a participant’s confidentiality and avoid exposing him / her for situations that could cause injury.
  • DeveloSofi Management accepts only those tasks which we are sure to be able to solve successfully in a professional manner.
  • DeveloSofi Management accepts only companies / organizations as clients – we never take payment from participants.

Our name and logo



Our company name is composed of two words:


comes from the word development, which means you develop through knowledge.


comes from the name Sophia, a Greek goddess who is honored as the goddess of wisdom

As DeveloSofi is developing as its own pace, we believed that an individual and organisations should develop with knowledge and wisdom.

Our logo symbolizes the meaning of these two names in combination.
The computer in the middle represents the on-line assessment tools and training programs that we provide to develop individuals and organisations. The blue boxes show the training / education line and the red person illustrate the employee, who is trained and now is ready to “grow” further in the job.