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You are the difference
by Dick Otter

You are the difference is a application to Carl Gustav Jung’s theory of typology used for the education sector. It is an easy way to understand the different types and is therefore also used by a lot of companies. The book describe the definitions of the types and talk about the students wants and needs.

Languages: English.

Price 258,00 RMB

The engaging ways to career development and leadership

This guide combines two books engaging career development and engaging leadership. Start with the side that engages you the most and then discover the added value of the other side.

Langauges: English.


Price 248,00 RMB

Influence: The Jack Ma Way
by Warwick John Fahy

Demystified influence skills from one of the world’s greatest, most influential leaders, and boiled down magic into actionable things you can do, too.

Langauges: English.



Price 180,00 RMB

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