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Why use of assessment tools and workshops for students and teachers?

Student’s self-knowledge and honest assessment of their skills is a potent tool in helping students to stretch their expectations and achieve greater results than predicted. And any education organisation depends on its staff (teachers / back office) to keep the wheels turning – Our workshops and assessment tools can help the staff to operate more effectively individually and in teams. Also to get a better understanding of the students they work together with.

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We have designed programs that help the student as well as the teacher. By learning aspects of how knowledge is communicated and received, the quality of the process can be improved making a greater impact on tomorrow

Teacher workshop

Organisations will experience a better communication and work environment after the workshop

In the one day workshop all participants will have an understanding of why people are different and react different in situations, how you work best in most efficient in groups and bring a real team spirit into the organisation

What you can expect

  • It creates self-awareness
  • It improves team understanding and team spirit
  • It helps managers to understand their organisation
  • Will bring better results in teamwork


Student workshop

The use of assessment tools is even more pronounced over time, as the early introduction of the concept positively affects the development of the student throughout their school career

One of the great benefit’s for the students is that they get knowledge about themselves in a form they can use for introduction letters when they apply for universities / colleges around the world

What you can expect

  • Extended knowledge about own preferences
  • right “feedback” and knowledge which can be used in the future
  • Understand how to communicate more effectively with others
  • Identify strengths and possibilities in teamwork

Students 2 years 3 test plkan

Understand the motivational preferences at students by providing insight and follow development through the 2 years.

What matters most is providing insight to the student, and to the schools, so that they can improve mutual understanding around each other’s motivations and preferences.

What you can expect

  • Always online access to the survey and results for the school
  • It helps the student to create “individual letter” for their college / university application
  • Increasing the students self awareness and where to “develop”
  • Helps the school to better understand the wants and needs from students and how to change / use behavior in situations


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