Teachers Workshop
– Understand the students wants and needs.

It will be directed to tasks where skills and aptitudes will bring the greatest chance of positive outcome in the most effective and time efficient manner.

Any education organization depends on its staff (teachers / back office) to keep the wheels turning. Teachers workshop helps teachers to operate more effectively with students and in team situations and as an add on it can help senior managers to allocate business and administration activities more efficiently.

How do you get the best out of all your students? One is very talkative, another is quiet and withdrawn, one can’t concentrate for very long and another keeps going all the time. So many students = many differences.

Understanding and appreciation is the foundation for a more balanced lessons, positive relations and good results. If you understand where their preferences comes from you can offer your students what they need most. This will bring you in the right position as teacher!

So understand how you get your students highly motivated.



Understanding of your students is the key-word

This creates a positive learning environment in the classroom – and it is generated by the students themselves, not just the teachers or parents. Students therefore will afterward feel a stronger sense of ownership of their projects / tasks.

 The advances of Teachers Workshop day are the following:

Explore and understand your students preferences in their daily work

Bring better education into the classroom

Make a difference and get entrusted students

Get strong and better relations to your colleague

You can use the knowledge from day one – also “privately”

Understand to plan / adjust your lessons better

Teachers Workshop

Build better relationship and understanding with your students.

In the one day workshop all participants will have an understanding of why their students are different and re-act different in situations, how you work best and most efficient in projects / groups and bring a real team spirit into the classroom. Staff can/will be directed to tasks where their skills and aptitudes will bring the greatest chance of positive outcome in the most effective and time efficient manner.

All participants will experience a better communication and work environment after the workshop and will often want all students / colleagues to join a workshop to get the same “level” of understanding.

On top of the workshop the participants will get a good knowledge of how to “read” their students wants and needs – all to ensure that all students can get the right outcome of their education and with the right spirit.




How your team will Benefit from this workshop

  • It improves team understanding and team spirit

  • It creates self-awareness + awareness of the students

  • It helps teachers to understand their classroom

  • Will bring better results in teamwork

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