Develosofi Management assessment tools

We work together with international partners to ensure the right range of personality tools for our clients. We believe we today can cover most of the market demands for assessment tools depending on what’s needed.

All our tools are fully updated and available in up to 16 languages

With a deep understanding of yourself, your team and your organisation you can make every human related process more efficient and successful. Our assessment tools are based on solid theory and supported by concrete data and research and we continually work to develop and analyze the data upon which the tools are based.

We work with a strong personality model to ensure you use the right tool for the right purpose – ex. recruitment, retention, individual or team development / strategy or …..

We certify your company and you will get your personal access to the tools which can support the needs you may have. Contact us for more information and let’s talk about which solution / assessment tools is the right for your organisation.

It’s important to get the right infomation from the right tool to make the right decision!!

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