Use Develosofi Managements assessment tools for development, team-building, recruitment, leadership training, retention improvement and ….

We work together with international partners to ensure that all tools are updated and validated. Available in 16 languages

With a deep understanding of yourself, your team and your organization you can make every human related process more efficient. Our assessment tools are based on solid theory and supported by concrete data and research and we continually work to develop and analyze the data upon which the tools are based.

You can be certified user and your company can get their own access to validated tools that can support all needs, whether it comes to performance and development, recruiting, talent or relations and cooperation.

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Understand your organisation and be able to make better decisions.

Saviio Maps

Providing insight into what matters most when people work together

Saviio Maps predicts how people will succeed at work and provides insight so managers better understand how people are uniquely motivated in four major areas: Relationships, Thinking & Planning, Making Decisions and Getting Things Done

What you can expect

  • Get insight and results here and now
  • Compare individuals / teams to get better insight on personal development
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Understand how to respond to meet the employees needs



Saviio Maps Certification Course

Understand and respond to your employees behaviors

The certification course is a full one day course where all participants will receive an strong understanding of the basic theoretical knowledge behind behavior / left and right brain attributes and how to change behavior in an organization.

What you can expect

  • Get strong insight in your companies behavior DNA
  • Compare individuals / teams and talents to get better insight
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Understand how to present Saviio Maps, interpreter’s profiles and have strong feedback conversation with employees

Conflict Handling Style Survey(CHSS)

Assesses individual’s behavior in conflict situations

The short way fast to understand how you deal with the challenges you face in conflicts – A strong survey for your leadership development. It shows how you meet people face to face when you are under pressure or having a conflict.

What you can expect

  • Understand fast how you react in conflicts
  • CHSS is a strong development tool for team understanding
  • Learn about the five major styles and how you can use these strategies in your daily work
  • Managers get a strong knowledge of their team leaders


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