– understand the motivational preferences at students by providing insight and follow development through the 2 years.

To understand the motivational factors at the students we use our own assessment toll Saviio Maps, which helps schools to understand the motivational preferences of students and respond to their wants and needs!

“Students come from a very diverse set of backgrounds and because they are new to the school, and the system, it is difficult to know the best development route for them.
Saviio Maps gives you and the students an easily understood and accurate image of the strengths and weaknesses of the student and speeds up the development of a program suitable to the student’s needs.”

(David Foggin – developer of Saviio Maps)

Saviio Maps is a behavior assessment NLP-tool which provide insight about students motivation and preferences. This insight allows the students to work more productively and succeed in their study. Saviio Maps is created as an online “always on” survey, adjusted for culture differences and easy to use and understand to create plan for developments after a short workshop as a follow up after the 1st survey is done.

Saviio Maps compare the motivational drivers of:

  • individuals
  • project groups and teams
  • much more options ….

Start using our Student Test Plan as your school’s assessment tool and we will help you to understand the motivation factors of your students!




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2 Years 3 Test Plan

2 Years 3 Test Plan for Students

What matters most is providing insight to the student, and to the schools, so that they can improve mutual understanding around each other’s motivations and preferences.

 The advances of using the 2 Years 3 Test plan for Students are the following:

Show result in “the here and now” and not in the “there and then”

Provide fresh insight to students at school about what really matters

Give the student valued knowledge about themselves when applying to college / university

Provide knowledge to create a working climate that plays to each student’s strengths

We help improve student engagement

Understand how to respond to meet the students wants and needs

2 Years 3 Test Plan

The school test program is built on Saviio MAP online survey, which the students do 3 times over the last 2 years in high school + is followed by a workshop for the students and teachers to understand what behaviors is all about and also to understand their own result. The overall goal is to have the student to understand themselves through their motivation and preference factors. This will give the students a lot of advantages in their study as individual and in projects where they work with other students. The underlying theory supporting Saviio Maps is based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) – Meta Programs. Meta Programs are filters that determine how you perceive the world around you, and they have a major influence on

  • How you communicate with others
  • The behaviors you manifest

Meta Programs are deep-rooted mental programs, which show the significant differences in behavior from person to person and define typical patterns in the strategies or thinking styles of an individual, group, company or culture.
The heart of the survey comprises 60 bipolar statements that inform 12 bipolar preference sets – organized into 4 main factors and a MAP (Motivations and Preferences) is created.

  • Relationships (REL)
  • Thinking & Planning (TAP)
  • Making Decisions (DEC)
  • Getting Things Done (GTD)

The survey is available for the survey takers and reports in 16 different languages.

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How will your school Benefit from using the 2 years 3 test plan for students

  • Always online access to the survey and results for the school

  • It helps the student to create “individual letter” for their college / university application

  • Increasing the students self awareness and where to “develop”

  • Helps the school to better understand the wants and needs from students and how to change / use behavior in situations

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