MBTI® – Myers & Briggs Type Indicator®

– describe the fundamental differences between people and focus on how these differences can be used constructive as individual and in teams

One of the cornerstones in any organisation in creating good results are efficient communication and good cooperative relations and here is Myers & Briggs type indicator® (MBTI®) the right tool and can contribute in an easy understandable way.
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is one of the world’s most popular assessment – because it works. Used around the world and available in 29 languages, it has become the go-to framework for people development globally.
With more than 70 years of science-based, research-based insight, the MBTI® assessment is a robust tool for self-awareness and improvement. It provides positive language for understanding and valuing individual differences.
The first step is to ensure good relations and greater understanding of employees’ diversity within the organization. This means that among other things, disseminating their own and each other’s strengths, weaknesses, behavior and needs in cooperation with others.
This reduces the risk that employees’ different personalities and cooperation problems removes the focus from the task itself. At the same time, it brings a clear and understandable communications.

This is what MBTI® will do for you.


Myers & Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)

Use differences between people towards benefits – increased understanding and better cooperation brings better results.

 The advances of using MBTI® survey is the following:

Knowledge in working with personal development

Theoretic knowledge and understanding of Jung’s typology

Identify strengths and possibilities in teams

Reduce unproductive conflicts

Understand how to communicate more effectively with others

Get access to a logical model of human behavior

Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)

MBTI® works through a series of questions which helps you identify your natural preferences in four areas of personality:

  • How do you direct and receive energy—by focusing on the outside world, interacting with people and taking action, or by focusing on your inner world and reflecting on ideas, memories, and experiences?
  • How do you take in information—by focusing on what you perceive using your five senses or by seeing the big picture and looking for relationships and patterns?
  • How do you decide and come to conclusions—by logically analyzing the situation or by considering what’s important to the people involved?
  • How do you approach the outside world—in a planned, orderly way or a more flexible, spontaneous way?
    Your natural preferences in these four areas sort you into one of 16 distinct MBTI® personality types.
  • Understanding these types gives you objective insight that you can use to enhance your professional and personal relationships, as well as your direction, focus, and choices.

    Where can MBTI® be used?
    MBTI® cater to all people or HR professionals, who work with:
    • Development processes
    • Personal development
    • Leadership development
    • Conflict resolution
    • Team-building and interpersonal relationships
    • Change processes
    • Career counseling
    • Communication

    MBTI® is available for survey takers and reports in 29 languages.



    How your company will benefit from using MBTI®


    • Strong individual and organisational understanding about differences

    • How differences can be used constructive as individual and in teams.

    • Help to develop personal and organisational plans no mater culture

    • Brings clear and understandable communication in the organisation

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