MPA – Personality Survey
Select and retain the right people

Successful companies select the best candidates and retain them by identifying and developing their potential for the right jobs. How can you make that happen?

Companies with engaged and motivated employees are 20% more productive and profitable than their competitors. MPA helps you to hire the right employees for the job.

MPA personality test helps companies to optimize their performance by identifying potential and talent in candidates and employees. MPA helps HR and managers to create efficient workflows for successful selections and to reduce costly staff turnover.

Use MPA to identify the crucial personality traits for success in any given job. Knowing what you’re looking for will help you to match and identify the right candidate and conduct quality interviews with relevant potential hires, saving time and money.



MPA – Personality survey

MPA provides relevant insights into the candidate’s personality traits. These insights enable you to make better and smarter HR decisions to increase profitability.

 The advances of using MPA survey is the following:

Defining goals for employees

Help influencing others and focus of energy

Identify strengths and possibilities in teams

Interacting with others, showing trust and expressing emotions

Help to approaching the right tasks

Making decisions and interest in development and new ideas

MPA Personality Survey

MPA helps you to create better performing companies, based on selecting the right people for the tasks. People who match the job best, and who will stay motivated and engaged.


  • MPA’s flexible and efficient workflow saves time and reduces risk.
  • Analyze, match and compare results for efficient decisions
  • Save time with mass invitations and automated feedback reports
  • Ready-to-use reports that can combine multiple test results
  • Administrate assessments from desktop, internet browsers and mobile devices

Where can MPA be used?
MPA cater to all people or HR professionals, who work with:
• Recruitment – hiring people
• Development processes
• Personal development
• Leadership development
• Conflict resolution
• Change processes
• Communication

MPA survey is available for survey takers and reports in 25+ languages.





How your company will benefit from using MPA ?


  • Reliable and strong assessment for internal and external process in recruitment and

  • Provides clear reports with relevant information in the form of interview guide, manager reports and feedback reports

  • Easy to involve stakeholders in setting criteria to match the position

  • Developed by psychologists, validated according to international standards

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