Get certified and let your organization discover the behavior that makes them unique and special.

Saviio Maps helps managers to understand the motivational preferences of team members and respond to meet the needs! People that feel understood and valued are more likely to stay.

People generally leave managers – not organizations.

Saviio Maps is very precise tool to helps managers secure and develop people within their organization – this will increase the retention rate and make people more productive.
Saviio Maps is as an online “always on” survey tool to help clients improve employee engagement by providing insight into what matters most when people work together. This insight allows individuals, managers and their teams to work more productively and succeed in their roles.

Saviio Maps compare the motivational drivers of:

  • individuals with their manager
  • team with other teams
  • individuals with teams or talents
  • or with people who are rather good in a similar role too

Why Saviio Maps for recruiting and development?
In a 2011-survey of over 20,000 new hires – 46% of all new hires fail within their first 18 months. But there’s something more: 89% fail for attitudinal reasons – not skills.

The attitudes for which organizations should hire are not abstract or based on a theoretical ideal, but rather are just the characteristics that separate high and low performers. Low performers struggle with those attitudes are typically rejected by the culture. But those companies’ attitudes are very different from each other. They couldn’t successfully copy each others attitudes.

Rapidly reveal the motivations and preferences of your most successful people in your organisation and find out how they do things differently – use this insight to help others to succeed.
Every company has to discover the attitudes that make their organisation unique and special.

Join the certification course and let Saviio Maps do this for you!









Saviio Maps Certification Course

Saviio Maps Certification Course helps you to positively influence subconscious and conscious judgments about your employee / organisation. By comparing team maps / talent maps and ideal maps you can easily understand the behavior of people – in the here and now!

 The advances of a Saviio Maps Certification Course is the following:

Get insight and results here and now

Have your employees to feel understood and valued

Improve employee engagement

Increase your retention rate

Work more productive and succeed in their role

Understand and respond to your employees’ behaviors

Saviio Maps certification course

The certification course is a full one day course where all participants will receive an strong understanding and a practical knowledge about how Saviio Maps works as the always on-line company tool. The day will end up with and international exam and diploma.

The course will ensure an understanding of the basic theoretical knowledge behind behavior / left and right brain attributes and how to change behavior in an organization. There will also be a practical learning of how to create Team maps / Talent maps and Ideal profiles + daily use inside an organisation.

Participants will also learn how to present the tool, interpreter’s profiles and have feedback conversation with employees.

Saviio Maps is available for the survey takers and reports in 16 different languages.


The Saviio Maps Certification Course caters to all people or HR professional, who works with:

  • Recruiting / hiring of staff
  • Employee development
  • Team development
  • Talent development
  • Retention improvement

All our certification courses are held in Chinese and/or English.


How your company will Benefit from Saviio Maps certification course

  • Online access to Saviio Maps behavior tool

  • Fast understanding of the organisation behavior in the “here and now”

  • Increasing the company’s retention rate

  • Compare individuals / teams to get insight on employee and organizational development

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