Dialogue Tools

Increase your communication skills and minimize misunderstandings

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Doing business is basically about listening and replying on the basis of the right understanding of what your business partner just said. Misunderstanding or failure to listen can stop any kind of agreement from happening.

CouncilWise Dialogue Tool

Are you really saying what you think you’re saying?

Management and leaders need intelligent and clear insights in what employees and members truly demand. Get fast and easy collection of relevant input and actively engage stakeholders.

What you can expect

  • Employees feel taken serious
  • You identify hidden experts
  • New strategies find higher acceptance
  • Fun and fast like social media

TellMe Feedback Tool

Are you really listening or are you waiting for your turn to talk?

Talking is great – but listening is even more important. When people discuss an idea only the best results come from listening to other people’s ideas. How else can you combine the greatest ideas together?

What you can expect

  • Feedback that matters
  • It’s anonymous and honest
  • Used prior, during & after an event
  • Dashboard analysis

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