CouncilWise Dialogue Tool

– makes it easy and valuable for your employees to speak up
and stay engaged!


Decision makers today face high-speed change of markets and need to engage employees (and customers) at the same high-speed to stay ahead of competition.

Councilwise Dialogue Tool enables decision makers, councils, consultants and many more to make more impact. Better ideas, insights in who contributed what, what idea obtained support and ……

The solutions increase employee and customer engagement by short and powerful dialogues. They will share the essentials: their best idea or opinion, their votes and reasons why. The best way to make them stand out.
They are the true eyes and ears for you and your organisation. You will through knowledge sharing know more and to the point!


Councilwise increase employees and customers engagement!

Management and leaders need intelligent and clear insights in what employees and members truly demand. Get fast and easy collection of relevant input and actively engage stakeholders

The advances of using Councilwise Dialogue Tool is the following:

Employees feel taken serious

Engaged members perform better

No device limitations

Fun and fast like social media

New strategies find higher acceptance

You identify hidden experts

CouncilWise Dialogue Tool

Building new communication platform for employees and/or clients

Due to the optional anonymous mode members feel free to share their real opinions. The library of successful dialogues helps you to collect easy, fast and relevant information that makes the difference between mediocre or winning. The clever and device independent set-up makes it even fun for participants to share their feedback.
Why employee engagement and employee voice is critical to your company’s performance:

  • You harvest the best ideas from within your own organization
  • It drives loyalty and high-performance
  • Strengthens collaboration and tolerance
  • Makes people receptive to leadership and targets

It is very easy to set up a new dialogue and results are visible at once. Different reports are available to print and use in other format.
The system consist of a library where you can find many “standard” questions already – some examples:

  • How would you improve job satisfaction in the company?
  • What’s your idea to work smarter and faster?
  • What costs can be avoided if we could work differently?
  • What key value do you hear customer talk about mostly?
  • What part of the business plan is most challenging and why?




How your team will benefit from using CouncilWise

as your communication tool?

  • Collecting qualitative responses, optionally anonymously

  • Crowd votes on anonymous, unfiltered responses, hence

  • Each employee assesses min 20 responses and motivates their top choices

  • Even over-whelmed people participate and experience the effectiveness

  • Your report reveals what’s supported and what isn’t

  • Ultra-low workload, genuine new insights, guaranteed buy-in

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