TellMe Feedback Tool.

Get tipped off by your own stakeholders in real-time!
They will tell you what you want to know, just ask!

Performance growth is driven by real-time feedback – Right? TellMe make real-time feedback finally easy for your customers to get you unrivaled response rates. Meaningful real-time feedback, based on a 1-100 scale and written feedback notes. Get the fastest indication of any performance change, instantly. Visualized data insights on your dashboard, instantly. Reshape your strategies to win clients, instantly.

Alignment of sender and receiver, or the lack thereof, is an age old point of attention in communication. When you do the effort to perform a training or workshop or when your members/employees need to be consulted for specific topics, then direct consultation is the way to choose. Social media are common place 24 hours a day and you can seamlessly integrate your topics of concern into this daily practice of your target group.

That’s it. Get real-time feedback now!It’s fast and easy to get the results in real-time!

Tell them to tell you and as a result you will continuously improve

The foundation of evolution and development is feed-back so make sure your next activity builds on the actual results of the achievements so far. Ensure a proper match between expectations and your offering and check if your fulfillment is up to standard. This avoid disconnection with your members and turn that into an ever improving offering.

 The advances of a TellMe Feedback Tool are the following:

Workshop mode – REALTIME

Used prior, during & after an event

It’s anonymous and honest

Location independent

Dashboard analysis

Feedback that matters

TellMe Feedback Tool

Feedback in Real-time improves your knowledge base and becomes the backbone of your evolving strategy.

You may apply TellMe at suitable occasions, regular or irregular, even continuous. Participants can be at a fix location or can be reached location independent. You can send out invitations and links, QR codes, leave it at a central physical location, on a website or other page for direct link through by scanning.

Questions can be open or closed. A level of agreement indicator and/or a comment box type of response can be pre-set. Your dialogue can be standard or tailor made and an administrator function is available. Full extraction of raw data is optional but the dashboard function is mostly more than sufficient. It is easy to use and to get feedback right away.

TellMe Feedback Tool is the fastest feedback application for anyone and for anything. Available as any mobile web version for any device. High performance is now yours to take – realtime!


TellMe’s unrivaled benefits from engaging employees
– in single question dialogues!

  • Collecting qualitative responses – optionally anonymously

  • Unfiltered responses in real-time

  • Even over-whelmed people participate and experience the effectiveness

  • Ultra-low workload, genuine new insights, guaranteed buy-in

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