Develosofi Management Networking Group – Shanghai

A group of HR professionals who want to be informed on new topics and share ideas with colleagues – only investment is your time!!


In our Shanghai networking group for HR Managers / HR professionals as in our other groups it’s the purpose to share idea’s, best practice and / or get opinions from colleagues in HR functions on “problems” or challenges in the daily work. We normally have a topic for the day which can be an issue from one of the members daily work – this issue will then be presented and discussed / share best practice and ….

Our group consists of Chinese and foreign HR professionals, who all wants to give and take knowledge about different HR topics. It can be topics like employees development planning, culture differences, salary levels, recruitment, assessment uses … and much more.

The group decide every year the next years topics and meeting times – normally there will be 7/8 meetings a year (2 hours) and it will be arranged by Develosofi Management and held at one of the participants who then also makes a presentation of their business it can be held at our office.



What’s in it for you?

Members engagement is the key to success in the group and we can see that there is a need to get this”interaction” between colleagues. All members are listen to and all can bring their topic on the table – also when we don’t meet!

 The advances of being part of Networking Group Shanghai is the following:

You will meet colleagues with the same “challenges” as you

It will improve your knowledge inside different topics

You will create more value to your job

You can bring up your own challenges for discussion and knowledge sharing

Will get knowledge about HR tools, programs, planning …..

You will be part of a unique cooperation between HR professionals

Networking Group Shanghai

We offer to facilitate the Networking Group meetings and ensure we have the right specialist if needed for the topic on the day. The group has for this year decided the following program:
– How to keep and measure a good retention rate – keep the right people.
– Salary levels – how to negotiate and keep the company level and still get string new employees on-board.
– How do we recruit the right candidates – quality process to ensure the “right one.
– Personal development plans – use of assessment tools and workshops.
– Legal issues / contracts / hiring & firing.

The group consist of 10 to 12 people who meet at one of the participants company and normally there will be a tour around to see the production / office if possible – again everything is 100% confidential and will stay inside the members of the group.

New members are welcome and will be decided to join by Develosofi Management – go to the bottom of this page and submit the form if you want to know more.


How can you Benefit from being part of Networking Group Shanghai

  • Meet and discuss different HR topics with professional colleagues who has the same “tasks” as you

  • Get updated on the latest HR related education programs / assessment tools / workshops

  • Learn from “best practice” and share your opinion with colleagues

  • Help to get your own position more valuable in your company

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Do you want to know more then submit your questions on the form below and we will contact your directly