Develosofi Management offers strong programs for HR professionals and employees who needs help in their career planning or to find
the new right job.

We have a deep understanding of the needs of the companies and will match those needs to your qualifications and personal traits. Through our career planning program you will be guided in vital decisions in order for you to make the right decisions. Recruitment / interview technique is minded for HR departments to ensure a strong and effective process when they qualify people for new hires. Opposite Outplacement is help to companies when they let people off – it’s good personal policy and brings goodwill into the organisation despite the situation.

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Making sure the initial steps in your career is precise and focused will make the difference in the long run. Think about it – your choices today will influence tomorrow

HR Employee Training

How do you ensure you get a correct and honest answer when you ask questions?

Follow a safe widely tested recruitment process and ask the right questions to the candidates when you have interviews – it will ensure you pick the right people for your company in the future.

What you can expect

  • Extended knowledge to recruitment processes
  • Interview training one to one
  • The use of assessment tools
  • The “80 questions” you need to cover





Career planning

Not sure where you’re headed with your professional career?

Let us together create focus and direction in your professional life. From the beginning to the end of the process you will receive personal advice and dialog that helps you reach your ideal job.

What you can expect

  • Dialog based
  • Personal assistance from beginning to end
  • Based on your needs
  • Directed by our extensive knowledge

Outplacement Program

So you don’t have a job? – What now?

Working with the right job for you is important for both your near and distant future. We want to make sure the foundation of your life is on the right track. We have the insight and experience. You have the skills and expertise.

What you can expect

  • Professional and serious counseling
  • Extensive discussions about requirements and skills
  • A satisfying job opportunity
  • We wont stop the process before you have a satisfying job



Career planning

Need to develop as a leader?

A strong and individual program to ensure your leaders development and how to be successful as a leader – maybe you experience to be a leader or manager for the first time and need a “partner”.

What you can expect

  • One on One Coaching
  • Grow your leadership competences and capacity
  • Based on your needs for development
  • Strong knowledge about yourself and what you can achieve.

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