– create value through career opportunities for your employees



Create valuable talent and competence development programs and seek the assistance of career development and personal insight.

Ensure knowledge about your employees’ job requirements through a targeted program so employees and managers together can plan a targeted development process that balances the individual’s wishes and needs of the company.

By creating these plans the company can motivate and retain key-persons + it will create added value.

The aim is to create a common understanding for both employees expectations as the company strategy.

Career development and personal insight is good personnel policy!

Build a structured and professional Career Plan for your employees

It is in all companies interest to know their employees wants and needs to understand and create a strong plan for their career. It has to be a balance between the employees wishes and the company’s needs. If you believe in your employees and show them you “want” them they are very loyal and stay in their job. Loosing people just because you don’t know their needs is the first step in the wrong direction.

 The advances of going through Career Planning Program is the following:

Clarification of needs and expectations

Ensure high level of quality in the development of the Career Plan

Focus on the employee and opportunities

Targeted career Plan in corporation with the company

Self Awareness / understanding

Better employee loyalty

Build a strong Career Plan which fits your company

We offer a full day workshop combined with 2 hours self Awareness training to ensure the right understanding of peoples wants and needs. Participants are HR professionals or managers who works with talent-, team- or personal development, recruitment and strategy management.

The program is based on how to create value through a strong talent- and competence Career Plan in the company and the participants will receive understanding and tools which they afterwards can bring home to create their own company development plan.
During the workshop we will have different exercises and examples from other companies Career Plan.

How can you Benefit from this course?

  • Dialog based process

  • Personal assistance from start to end

  • Based on your needs and goals

  • Directed by our extensive knowledge

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