– Get stronger and more efficient in your daily work in the HR department

In a busy job you need to be sure that your ‘toolbox’ is updated and you are ready to challenge the daily tasks from hiring, interview, assessment tolls to development plans. You will gain insight into yourself as an employee in the HR role and how you in your interaction with colleagues and managers get success with your recruitment tasks.

The course gives you a concrete road-map and structure for how to be responsible in a recruitment process to ensure that you can support the manager to take the right decision and the correct result will be obtained according to the plans. No misunderstandings and be sure of your techniques and questions you ask.

When the contract is signed it’s too late!

The use of a strong Recruitment Process strengthen your role

Your company need to hire the right people for different positions and in a world with so many opportunities for the candidates it can be very difficult to find and hire the right one. The course gives you this knowledge of how to keep high quality in the process and put yourself in a stronger position in your daily HR role.

 The advances of HR Employee Training Education are the following:

Strong recruitment process from first contact to hire

Communication and knowledge to get the right and all information

Intensive training – one to one

Extensive knowledge about the recruitment process

Understand the use of assessment tools

Know the “80 questions” you need ask

Follow a strong Recruitment process is worth money

We offer a full day course where we teach the participants in the terminology and techniques for the recruitment process – first contact, communication, use of assessment tools, interview 1 or 2, salary negotiation, contract process etc.

The course is aimed at HR professionals (managers / specialists / assistants) who today works with recruitment and/or peoples development and ensure a good result = right hires!

The Recruitment / Interview technique course will bring you that knowledge.

How will you Benefit from this course?

  • knowledge of being able to communicate constructively in interview situations

  • The use of different recruitment processes and techniques

  • Better analyzing of the position to ensure right hire

  • strengthen your role as HR facilitator

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