– strong and individual program to ensure your leaders development and to be successful as a leader

Individual Coaching is useful for many young leaders who experience to be a leader or manager for the first time. Coaching or mentoring for Develosofi Management is kept in simple terms and without any high flying programs where the participants can’t use it! We build our program on trust and involvement from company, participant and us! Honesty between all is the key word to do a successful coaching program which can be used for future personal development and how to be a successful leader.

The coaching program starts with a deep understanding of the person we coach and a discussion of the issues – positive and/or negative – this person must deal with as a leader. After this first meeting we finalize the rest of the coaching program so it fit into the participants personal demands. Many times we end up having an overall Leadership Workshop inside the company to ensure the implementation of the changes and all get the same “reference” frame for how things really are between all leaders!

Personal, Individual focus and to keep things simple is the keywords for our program and how to ensure success and development of the participants. Contact us to get more information about how you can develop as a leader!

Develop your future leaders through a professional
Individual Coaching / Mentoring Program

All coaching relationships requires a willingness to create a personal change that is meaningful at the individual level. This requires that the individuals will look within themselves and intentionally create more effective and meaningful ways of engaging with others

 The advances of going through an Individual Coaching / Mentoring Program are the following:

Understanding of own qualities as a leader

Create a honest and meaningful way to engage with your organisation

Grow your leadership competences and capacity

Get a concrete and personal plan for your development as a leader

Understand how you act and solve conflicts as a leader

Create positive culture norms with your colleagues

Individual Coaching / Mentoring Program

Develosofi Managements Coaching / Mentoring Program is a One on One coaching form which brings value and leadership growth opportunities into the organisation at once, including:

  • Growing leadership competence and capacity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication as a leader
  • Create positive culture norms
  • Behavior change as leader and organisation
  • Conflict handling
  • Create successful internal career

During the workshop, we will have different exercises and examples from the participants daily work.

Most important is that all participants gets a very personal and individual coaching they can benefit for in their job as leader and for their future development. This is why we always finalize the exact program after the first meeting with the participants!

How can you Benefit from this program?

  • Dialog based process – ONE ON ONE

  • Personal development from day one and forward

  • Based on the individual and his/her goals

  • Strong knowledge about yourself and what you can achieve.

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