It’s a positive personnel policy to help employees to a new job if you have to let them go – also for the employees who are staying back!



The Outplacement Program assists terminated employees in finding a new career opportunity, and at the same time creating good will for the organisation.

Develosofi Management assists the individual throughout the whole process of finding a new job opportunity; activity plans, resume feedback, applications, goal of the new job, interview training, personality/behavioral assessment and networking. The goal is to change organisational bad-will to good-will and hopelessness to a positive attitude about the future. By following our Outplacement Program you ensure that the employee will work in the right direction for a positive future.

And we don’t stop before the employee has a new job!!!


Key-words for Outplacement Program are training, activities

– and do the right things.

Our outplacement program will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the employee(s) out of the skill sets. We go through all steps in our program-models to ensure the right result in the end combined personal one to one feedback. This ensure business continuity and maintain your employer brand + it keep remaining employees engaged.

 The advances of using Outplacement Program is the following:

It changes bad-will to good-will

It’s a positive personnel policy to offer

It creates transparency about the situation

It keeps the employee(s) “on track” in the process

Give a good understanding of own qualifications / possibilities for the future

We follow the employee(s) until they have a new position

Strong and widely tested Outplacement program

Our program is created in models to have a strong and professional approach to the employee(s) and the situation they are facing. 1 phase is about knowledge and expectations:
– interview / expectations
– assessment and feedback session
– the hiring process
All to make sure we can develop the right plan for the employee(s) to get the right job as fast as possible.

Afterwards we do resume / cover-letter, interview training, activity plans, networking ….. all tailor made out of background and expectations to the future. We will constantly follow up under the process and are always ready to talk / meet if any questions or a situation shows up and need attention. WE FOLLOW UNTIL NEW HIRE!

Our consultants have more than 20 years of experience in the field and has an extensive market knowledge



How you will Benefit from this program

  • Professional and serious counseling

  • Extensive discussion about requirements and skills

  • Self-awareness / interview training

  • Personal assistance from start to new job

  • A widely tested program which will end with a satisfied job opportunity

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