Interested in building highly Efficient teams?

Teams make or brake your organization

We have very strong and efficient team programs / workshops which cover most areas that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your team and create a plan for how to approach the development the right way.

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Today more and more aspects of an organization are based on team works which means the team is the foundation of the organization. If you want to make changes and get the team to understand the benefits of great teamwork – then start by contacting us for a informal meeting and you are on the way to create results.

Team Understanding Workshop

Improve your teams communication and understanding

This is the first step to ensure good relations and better understanding of employees’ diversity within the organisation. This means they need to show and pass their own and each other’s strengths, weaknesses, behaviors and needs in collaboration with others.

What you can expect

  • It improves team understanding and team spirit
  • It helps managers to understand their organisation
  • It creates self-awareness
  • Will bring better results in teamwork



Teambuilding Workshop

Bring valuable insight to the participants on your team

Effective teams usually produce great results and keeps the employees longer in their role. A benefit for all. You will create an organisation with satisfied people who want to “walk” the extra step needed to get the right results.

What you can expect

  • Get more effective teams
  • Provide a practical overview of your teams dynamic
  • You will deal better with challenges inside your team
  • Understand the value of different behavior styles

Trust Workshop

Trust increases speed and lowers costs.

In an environment with low trust the work is in general slower and the work satisfaction of the employees is dampened. High trust creates circumstances in which employees are productive and genuinely happy about their work. They will outperform others and do more than expected – because they want to.

What you can expect

  • Increase speed and stop time-wasting
  • Lead the way by example
  • Create a strategy to ensure the long term success of the new trust patterns
  • Retention levels will improve and overall commitment and efficiency will increase tremendously


Leadership Workshop

Communicative and strong leaders makes a difference!

The leadership workshop will engage you and your leaders through an individual training session which exist of activities, exercises, group problem-solving tasks and lectures. The participant’s will get plenty of hands-on practice during the full day workshop to understand the challenges they face as a leader.

What you can expect

  • Understand your leadership and communication style
  • Create an inspiring vision of the future
  • Be an inspiration to your team and bring choices for your organisation
  • Improve effectiveness in the leadership role and get better results

Behavioral Change Workshop

Receive easy understandable tools to understand and change behavior in your organisation

We are still developing and finalizing the workshop – will be presented soon.

What you can expect

  • Will bring better results in teamwork
  • Companies will see fast results and willingness to changes
  • More satisfying employees who stays longer
  • Better understanding of the differences inside the organisation


Cross Culture Workshop

Brings knowledge and insight for your teams!

Cross Culture workshop raise your cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity towards the cultural differences and issues that impact on the workplace, allowing you to communicate more effectively across cultures / countries.

What you can expect

  • Create better results between people / departments across the world
  • Understand cultural differences in the workplace
  • Understand each other’s core cultural values
  • Stronger and more profitable relationships with international colleagues and clients across cultures

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