Get knowledge about your employees behaviors and understand how you can “change” the individual or team to go in the right directions.

All companies have their own behavior DNA which is a combination of all employees behavioral act way. Many managers have tried how different behavior’s in a team makes a difference in the daily work and the end results – some situations it goes well but sometimes it can go even very bad. Just because people don’t understand how to change a behavior in the situation. This will be one of the outcome of this workshop.

Successful people within a certain industry can move to the “competitor” company and experience that they can’t get the same results in their new organisation – only because of a difference in the behavior between the companies.

Studies shows that of over 20,000 new hires – 46% of all new hires fail within their first 18 months. But there’s something more: 89% fail for attitudinal reasons – not skill. Figure out the costs if you understand to change behaviors in your organisation and don’t get these “mismatch” in behavior.

What do we provide:

  • Fresh insight to people at work that what really matters
  • Knowledge to create a working climate that plays to each persons’ strengths.
  • Strong understanding of your organisation – how to put the right teams together to create better results.

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Change the Behavioral act way as first step
for better results inside your team

Behavioral change workshop provides insight into the unique combination of human factors that predict success – understand how you can bring your team or organisation into the right track.

 The advances of a Behavioral Change workshop day are the following:

Understand your own and your teams behavioral preferences

Know how and where to change behavioral act way

Improve your employee engagement

Get knowledge to your teams behavior DNA and how to change it

Help organisations to make more profit

Your behavior knowledge is in the “here and now”

Behavioral Change Workshop

How to change individuals and team’s to do better all through their own behavioral understanding

The one full day workshop will give all participants an understanding of why behavioral knowledge can benefit them self and their organisation. It will be a switch between theory and team exercises to make it visible to all and easy to understand. It’s a real eye opener for many participants how simple it is to get results when you understand the behavior of the person behind.
All participants will also do a survey on forehand and will receive a feedback on own preferences + the team will get a team result which they will use to get better understanding through the workshop. Overall goal is to bring an easy way to fast change people’s behavior for the benefit of the team / project – it’s always a give and take situation and it’s always here things goes wrong if people don’t understand!
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Participants on Behavioral Change Workshop

The course is aimed for all teams, individual departments and groups, who want to get a better understanding of behavioral preferences inside their organisation and how to change them. All courses will be tailored to the individual business.




How your team will Benefit from this workshop

  • Results in the here and now – not the there and then

  • Providing insight to both managers AND employees so that they can improve mutual understanding

  • Understand how you communicate strongly with others and make changes

  • Create a working climate that plays to each persons’ strengths

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