– brings knowledge and insight for your teams.

The cultural knowledge enables you to look beyond what
is immediately happening in front of you!

Cross Culture workshop raise your cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity towards the cultural differences and issues that impact on the workplace, allowing you to communicate more effectively across cultures / countries. Working Effectively across cultures is tailored to your company’s international business needs, taking into account your specific market, sector and employees’ existing skill sets.

Success in today’s world economy depends on a number of factors. Globalized communications, media and movements of people make it harder for international organisations to assure their products and services stand out from the rest. Increasing your company’s international market share depends on your employees’ ability to read and react accordingly to the numerous cultural differences that affect your business.

Improve your intercultural competence with a Cross Culture Workshop for your team

The foundation of Cross Culture Understanding Workshop is insight


An understanding of culture’s impact on face-to-face and virtual business communication and improve the ability to forge stronger and more profitable relationships with international colleagues and clients across cultures

The advances of a Cross Culture Workshop day is the following:

Understand each other’s communication and work style preferences

Understand each other’s core cultural values

It creates fast processes in the organization

Understand cultural sensibilities & values

Understand cultural differences in the workplace

Create better results between people / departments across the world

Cross Culture Workshop together

The workshop day will consist of theory and practical tasks and will involve all participants in practical exercises and tasks.

  • Understanding cross culture tasks iceberg – the culture
  • communication – leadership, motivation, group interaction, negotiation
  • National, social and cultural variables – economic / political system, Religion / education, values / norms and beliefs
  • Non-verbal languages
  • Cultural negotiations – planning / relationships / tasks / persuasion / agreement
  • Culture profiling of the company
  • Culture conflicts – SPIN Model
  • Cross culture competences

Cross Cultures Workshop is specifically designed for:

  • Business people who work in an international environment
  • Organisations that are expanding operations beyond national borders
  • Management and staff working across cultures
  • Employees communicating increasingly with colleagues in other countries, either face-to-face or virtually
  • Organisations whose workforce is becoming increasingly multicultural
  • Business people involved in multinational projects and programmes

How your team will Benefit from this workshop

  • An understanding of culture’s impact on face-to-face communication

  • Stronger and more profitable relationships with international colleagues and clients across cultures

  • The ability to plan and adapt your business strategy and communication style taking into account the cross cultural differences

  • Increased cross cultural awareness and sensitivity

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