Brings valuable insight to your team – it’s all
about communication and cooperation.

Our Teambuilding workshop is an investment in the future for your managers and their teams. This applies both managers today and for the future in your company. It’s a long term investment because you depend 100% on their success and results to reach the KPI’s and improve the bottom line.

To meet the future challenges you need strong and effective teams to produce the positive results. The Teambuilding workshop will bring your team a common understanding, strong communication skills and an identification of strengths and opportunities for improvement. Including the exercises the workshop is designed to understand and develop the team members to understand the value and use of strong communication as a motivation factor in their daily work.

We tailor made all Teambuilding programs to exactly the needs for our clients based upon the team members’ preferences. The individual team member’s roles in the team are identified and discussed before start.

It’s a process where participants must act actively and dynamically – the workshop is based on theory and different exercises all based on commitment.

Get insight to a successful team through a Teambuilding Workshop

Effective teams usually produce great results and keeps the employees longer in their role. A benefit for all. You will create an organisation with satisfied people who want to “walk” the extra step needed to get the right results.

 The advances of a Teambuilding workshop day are the following:

Get more effective teams

Understand and communicate better with your employees

You create long term success

Provide a practical overview of your teams dynamic

Strong and effective communication skills within the team

Build strong relationships in your team

Teambuilding Workshop

Building new skills together and become a strong unit who knows each other’s strengths

We offer a workshop where we through theory and especially with the use of exercises teach your team about the value of understanding, listening and strong relations. All so all gets a strong knowledge about their colleagues and to change existing “bad” patterns of behavior in order to create new “right” ones.
We can assure that all employees will leave the course with an open mind, ready to make a difference next day at work. The workshop will use all participants different skills and is always created as an individual workshop for each group depending on situation. The workshop can be done as well as an indoor as an outdoor day – again all depending on the tasks and situation.
Participants on relations and cooperation:
The course is aimed for management teams, individual departments and groups, who want to get a better understanding of the differences inside their team. All courses are tailored to the individual business and is a full day workshop combined with different exercises. We can promise that all participants will have a fun, exciting and also a hard working day with a great outcome for the team and cooperation.

How your team will Benefit from this workshop

  • Understand the value of different behavior styles

  • You will deal better with challenges inside your team

  • Understand different communication styles

  • Make sure you set the right goals for the future tasks

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– describe the fundamental differences between people and focus on how these differences can be used constructive as individual and in teams.

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