– improve your teams communication through
self-awareness understanding

Meeting the company’s objectives calls for efficient operations and high quality in each task.
Often assignments are solved in teams or in processes that require collaboration between several employees. Therefore, the leader has an important role in getting the many different relationships and teams to function optimally – whether employees are gathered under the same roof, or are in opposite ends of the country or world.

This is the first step to ensure good relations and better understanding of employees’ diversity within the organisation. This means they need to show and pass their own and each other’s strengths, weaknesses, behaviors and needs in collaboration with others.

This reduces the risk that employees’ different personalities and problems of cooperation removes focus from the task itself. At the same time you assure a clear and understandable communication, which is essential for successful change processes as successful leadership and collaboration across parts of the country or across borders.

Use Team Understanding to get understandable communication

To get the best results in your team you have to benefit from a good and strong collaboration and it is often that problems or missing results shows up because of misunderstandings inside the team. It is therefore important that people understand them-self and their colleagues to get around misunderstandings and expectations to each other.

 The advances of a Team Understanding workshop day is the following:

It creates self-awareness

It improves team understanding and team spirit

It can be used for personal development

It helps managers to understand their organisation

Will bring better results in teamwork

Companies will see fast results and willingness to changes

Team Understanding workshop

Come all the way around your organi-zation and get a strong understan-ding between your employees

The Team Understanding workshop is a full day training where the goals are that all employees will get a full understanding of their type, preferences, strengths / development areas so they understand the diversity within the organisation they are working in.
Before the workshop day all participants will do a survey to ensure how the group is composed and to uncover the employees’ different approaches to tasks. The results of this survey will also be used at the workshop and will show the organisations strength and development areas – easy to understand and to work with when back at the office.
During the workshop day all participants will get their individual feedback and all will be part of different exercises where “understand” each other will be the “key-words”. It will in a fun and exciting way using exercises which clearly shows where the challenges for the group is and also how to work further to make changes.
It all ends up with a group exercise and challenges people need to solve individual and as a group also when back at office to use for the follow up meetings to come.
The overall goal is that all employees will leave the course with an open positive mind – ready to make a difference at work already the next day.

Participants on Team-Understanding workshop

The course is aimed for all teams, individual departments and groups, who want to get a better understanding of the differences inside their organisation. All courses will be tailored to the individual business.

How your team will Benefit from this workshop

  • Good and useful understanding of own preferences for all employees

  • Managers can easy set the right team to solve or implement new projects

  • Better understanding of the differences between people in the organisation

  • Create a team strategy to ensure the long term success

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