Trust Workshop

A high level of trust makes a difference in your team
and increases speed and lowers costs

Building trust increases both the efficiency of your organization and the quality of the professional and personal lives of your employees.

In an environment with low trust the work is in general slower and the work satisfaction of the employees is dampened. High trust creates circumstances in which employees are productive and genuinely happy about their work. They will outperform others and do more than expected – because they want to.

For many companies there are a very small margin of being successful or not and this effect the way we speak to and act with in our daily work. Therefore it is more than important that there are a strong trust between managers, employees – the organisation overall.

The Trust Workshop will help people to understand the balance quickly and with simple tools how to make it work also in the daily challenges where things can go fast.

So let us know your teams trust level and we will tell you what’s the difference?

The foundation of success is Trust

The foundation of every healthy human relation is trust which itself is based on character and competence. Trusting in the fact that we are working together as a team rather than competing against each other. If the teams are efficient, the organization is efficient. Only efficient organizations can fulfil today’s demands of innovation, creativity, lean, etc.

 The advances of a Trust Workshop day are the following:


Lead the way by example 

Do as you say, say what you do

Increase speed and stop time-wasting

Less (control) is more (result)

Feeling trusted inspires

Fast and efficient

Trust Workshop

Building new patterns together

We offer a half day workshop where the participants will understand the value of trust between each other in a team and how to change existing patterns of behavior in order to create new ones.

With our strong model we can creates new patterns that promote trust and synergy – The Develosofi Management Five Waves Of Trust.

  • Honesty
  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • “Do the right things”

Included in the Trust Workshop will be 2 following up sessions to ensure the team result

How your team will Benefit from this workshop

  • What high or low trust mean for your team

  • Assess the current trust status of your team

  • Learning about creating and implementing new trust patterns

  • Create a strategy to ensure the long term success of the new trust patterns

  • Your employees will experience the difference immediately and constantly

  • Retention levels will improve and overall commitment and efficiency will increase tremendously

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