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Hunteroriental Asia

Hunteroriental Asia is a headhunting company, based in Shanghai, which work with a set of high ethics standards to bring more quality into the recruitment process. The last years Hunteroriental Asia has solved a number of assignments all over Asia. Develosofi works closely together with Hunteroriental Asia specially in around assessment tools and HR training programs.

Hunteroriental Asia is partner of The International Network, which is a strong partnership of executive recruitment companies present in Europe, South America, US, China and Hong Kong / Asia. The International Network works with international consulting and search/selection. Via a unique and cost effective business concept, Hunteroriental Asia brings value to clients through a well-documented and proactive process.

The reason for Hunteroriental Asia’s success is that the business model compares favorably with traditional consulting/search and selection companies. Hunteroriental Asia’s unique competence network is the catalyst of the business as it provides access to a comprehensive worldwide candidate database at specialist and executive levels, and the consultant’s competencies encompass a vast number of industries.

Hunteroriental Asia offers 12 months guarantee on all hires because of confident in the ability to find the right candidate.
Hunteroriental Asia use the most updated hiring tools to profile candidates before presentation for clients and use the result to compare with the ideal profile. This is the proof of delivery.

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Machholm Leadership

Self-employed management adviser for Chief Executives in large and medium-sized
International companies. Expert in personal coaching and mentoring of Chief Executives, change management, crisis management, management development, sales and growth strategies. They have a long-time documented experience with the construction and implementation of change processes in large and medium-sized companies – including activities within Human Resource Development, business development and outlining business goals. Delegate to others to allow them to take the lead and create shared responsibility.

Promote team cooperation within team through genuinely valuing their opinions and views of others. Assist teams effectively to ensure internalization of new strategies and execution. Explicitly link reward, recognition and promotion directly to the climate that staff members create, as well as the results that are delivered.

Machholm Leadership has a very extrovert and accessible consultancy style, good at creating relations and communicating with people at all levels of the organisation. Very result oriented with a good sense of perspective and business know-how.

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