How would you like that people take action themselves?

Learning how to take initiative and how to share information is a wonderful catalyst towards change and improvement.

“Statuesque equals going backwards!!”

Encouraging employees to take action gets everybody on the move. Understanding how to approach different and challenging situations is very useful. A learning environment uses experiences from the past in becoming better at the present.

STAR strategy program is used as a support tool to guide people to describe earlier tasks all the way to their outcome. This will help share good and bad practices, successes and failures.

Learn from yourself and from those around you. Do more of what works, do less of what fail. Copy and paste success by applying all the best ways to success.

STAR = Situation, Task, Action, Results.


The foundation of success is learning and sharing

Once you have chosen to do something, hopefully the right things, then make sure you do them right. And do them even better over time. STAR system encourages taking initiative and action. Change is rewarded and recognized. There are good examples where STAR is anchored into an organization through KPI’s and acknowledgement systems.

 The advances of a STAR Strategy day is the following:

Environment of initiative and generating ideas

Catalyzing successful speed

Good achievements pay off

Mistakes are not to be scared off but to learn from

Foster change and self-responsibility

Lower correction costs and stop finger pointing


STAR Strategy Program

Constantly improvement of individual and group achievements.

We offer a 1/2-day workshop where we together with your staff get an understanding about your company / departments challenges by recognizing and describe the current situation and/or assigned task.

Especially we go into details about what have had major influence on the situation and why this course of action was chosen. Al to get an common understanding of the issues. It’s all about to find a clear correlation between the action and the result today we can learn.

We facilitate the workshop and use all the information known from all participants to bring the content and also how to move further and bring a better balance in plans and results. It’s a positive way to get all employees involved and to take ownership of the strategy.

Overall it’s the strong and positive involvement which bring the final results in the end.

All strategy program will end up with an action plan and will be followed constantly with deadlines and KPI’s for all involved.

How your team will Benefit from this workshop

  • You create and encourage initiative takers.

  • An atmosphere of happily sharing experiences will be developed.

  • It is understood and accepted what is rewarding about learning and changing.

  • Recognition creates loyalty and competitive advantages.

  • A starring company is full of twinkling and shining members = highly motivated employees.

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