– where are the bottlenecks in your company where even modest efforts quickly produce better results ?.

No leadership needs now to implement a plan without first simulate the impact of their organization.

How are your company’s situation:
– You have a few large customers and many small ?
– You have considerable pressure on supply capacity?
– You have a modest market share?
– You have an established product on the market?
– or ???

Save time: The technique can be used by taking advantage of knowledge and the many details that already exist in the company.

Create an awareness: The technique can be understood by all employees regardless of theoretical and practical background.

Create action: The technique is strongly decision focused so conclusions quickly can be converted into action.

OVERALL the management reduces risk and ensure that their plans can be carried out.

No organisation or plan is stronger than its weakest part!

The Chain of Results helps companies to show their exploitation of people and opportunities in their market by using the knowledge they already have available inside their company. How do they do sales? Do they have the right products for their customers? Do they deliver the right quality and on time? Are they competitive? There are a small difference from companies with a limited result to companies with a strong result!

 The advances of a Chain of Result Strategy day is the following:

Clear understanding of the market requirements

Ensure that the plan will work for your employees and the company

easy way to visualize the “bottlenecks” in the company

Creates a common reference framework for employees

Small extra effort = big results

Strong employee involvement means increased ownership in the organization

Create your new strategy – The Chain of Results

The Chain of Results is a full day workshop which include all involved employees. It can be for the Top-Management to get a clear and common understanding of how and where next effort should be or it can be for a sales department to ensure they make the right plans for the organisation to achieve the sales target.

It is important that the employees participate as much as possible to get all the inside knowledge about the company / systems / processes …… This ensure that all participants agrees on which efforts are the most important in the current situation and how to solve it!

Keywords for the day are:

  • Common understanding and awareness of the situation
  • Ensure a fast and strong view of the company and challenges
  • Group agreement on actions / investments to be done
  • Clear plan for next steps and deadlines

The DeveloSofi management Chain of Results.

How your team will Benefit from this workshop

  • Common reference frame of the next efforts to reach the goal

  • Ensure your strategy plan will work with your current organisation

  • Get strong results fast

  • Create a visible and tangible strategy for your team

  • Easy implementation of your plans

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