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MAN Turbo & Diesel

Thank you very much for a fantastic workshop for our technical and sales support staff.

I can only say that Develosofi again did a great job for so many participants (in English and Chinese) and in a defined time frame!

I know that my colleagues enjoyed the workshop very much and learnt much about themselves and at the same time had a lot of fun. Thank you for all your preparation and efforts made!

Next steps are as agreed individual feedback and interview and we are sure this will further help our people in their daily work and  even life  🙂

Purpose for the workshop was: One team – One mission.

This was a great start!!

Yongxin Du – Technical Manager / MAN Diesel & Turbo






Dear Lars – Develosofi Management

Thank you – a pleasure to experience the speed/efficiency from your company.

The test report is spot on my gut feeling during job interview and what has been experienced from traveling with our new Sales Manager during the first month of employment.

Have a nice day.

Kjeld Friis Munkholm 孟可和 – General Manager / Cidan Machinery China

Shanghai International Medical Center

I am a surgeon at an international hospital in Shanghai. It was very difficult to communicate with the foreign patients in English. I understand what they tell me, and I know what I want to say, but I have great difficulty speaking English. It was frustrating for me to see the patient getting angry with me and losing trust. Many did not want to come back even when they were told I was a good surgeon.

I discovered the medical English class of Develosofi Management. Although I am still struggling, I have improved greatly. It takes practice, but they helped me become less anxious, so that I can improve. I highly recommend their program.

Dr. J – Shanghai International Medical Center






We implemented Saviio MAPs in 2013/4 to help create and grow new sales teams for the large display division. We were impressed by the ease of use without trading off the level of detail that identified different individuals’ motivations and preferences.
Even after three months, we can confidently say that we have a highly performing team which is impacting positively on our revenue, profit and growth targets. Saviio MAPs ensures that we really understand each other’s unique approach to achieving our goals.
I have no hesitation in recommending Saviio Maps to others.

Manager – SAMSUNG Large Display Division

People’s Holdings

People’s Holding is a fast growing B2B2C contact center that is backed by U.K. dragon’ Den entrepreneur – Sarah Willingham.
We started using Saviio MAPs after we discovered 2 issues:
1. Lower than expected conversion rates for miss sold products and cross selling to other products.
2. Lower than expected ‘pack returns’ for consumers who agreed to submit their claim but then did not return the required documentation.

These 2 issues will have an impact on B2B client’s confidence and result in them going elsewhere which of course would have heavily impact on our growth plans.
We used Saviio MAPs to diagnose and provide a solution:
A. Understands that call center staff motivations and preferences (MAPS) are essential to then provide rapport and chemistry on the phone with Consumers.
B. Convert to agree to submit a claim for miss old products THEN actually sign and return the completed agreements to process the claim.

Each call center worker completed a Saviio MAP and was permitted to freely share their results with others in the business to improve Self-awareness, build rapport, influence others and gain the desired outcome.

Content, tone and behavioral matching over the telephone then provided the results People’s Holding wanted and selling objective grew immediately.

Sara Deacon Elliott – Director of operations People’s Holdings





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